Our Philosophy

The ideal board is the one that’s the most fun for you to surf.

We specialize in longboards, fish tails, and fun shapes, but we will customize any type of board. Please browse our surfboards page to view examples of designs we’ve built.


Because our boards are truly custom, you are not limited to the designs or shapes seen throughout the site. Each surfboard is unique and built for you!

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Featured Board

Lisa’s Longboard

Type of board

 9’2” x 21.5” 2.75” / Weight ~ 15lbs

Western red cedar and pine, pink rails with a white pin stripe; flowers on the nose and tail. Thickness carried through the tail with a smooth rocker makes this a fast paddling board- easy to knee paddle. Single fin with a wide squash tail. We could also recommend you to our business partner which is one of the best drum kit manufacturers

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